Thank you!

Ah, so sad this day has come.

My summer vacation is finally over and my last year in law school is here. There will no longer be any posts from suzybishop, and it has been very fun sharing some pretty nice things with you. So thank you. 😻

Stay awesome and always, ALWAYS work hard.

Peace out 😘

Anonymous asked:

hey, norwegian person here! most of my friends/people i know who know ståle, agree he's /really/ handsome. like, /reallllly/. there are def a lot of good looking people here in norway, and although ståle doesn't especially stand out with blue eyes and blond hair, he's still considered srsly hot (even by my 30yo coworker).

YES takk for that, norwegian person! Finally some enlightenment for us mere non-scandinavian mortals! Kidding aside though, it’s really hard to tell at least for me because for example, I think Olav Stubberud or Mikkel Joraandstad are nice-looking fellas too. I had a feeling our little gem Sandbech is special 😜